How to Take the Perfect Flat Lay

26 Jan

How to Take the Perfect Flat Lay


Flat lay photography has been the hottest Instagram trend for businesses and bloggers.
Whether you want to create an aesthetically appealing ad for your business or take your
personal branding game to a higher level, here are some necessary steps that will help you
create the perfect flat lay design.

  1. Find inspiration

    If you are not sure where to get started or what direction you want to take, take advantage of
    social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram and search using the hashtag #flatlay. Here
    are some of our favorite flat lays inspired by the winter season:

  2. Find some props

    Once you have found some inspiration and a better idea of what theme you are going for, keep
    that theme in mind when you are selecting your props to end up with a cohesive look. For
    example, if you are a cosmetic company, be sure to add makeup and other beauty products.
    Don’t be afraid to play around with the props. Make sure to grab enough, that way you can
    swap things in and out while you’re getting ready to take the perfect shot. Some props that you
    should keep in mind despite your theme or brand are: colored papers, candles, decorative
    fabric and maybe some trays.

  3. Compose your shot

    Start experimenting with your props and create a balance in your photo by mixing small and
    larg objects. You may find that less is more. Whatever you decide, ensure that you have
    enough space for any texts or overlay images you may want to add during the editing process.
    Tip: If you are posting your photo to Instagram, ensure you are using a square layout.

  4. Lighting is Key

    Natural lighting will be your best bet. To get the most natural-looking shots with great colors,
    avoid harsh sunlight and dark environments. The ideal weather conditions are cloudy, overcast
    days. That gives you the neutral and balanced light that you need, or shoot during the early
    mornings or late afternoons. Tip: avoid using flash as that will create unnecessary shadows.

  5. Always Shoot From Above

    Make sure to create distance between you and the flat lay. You may use a tripod, step stool or
    chair to help you get shooting. Take a few test shots and experiment with the props. Feel free
    to move them around until your flat lay looks just right. Once you have your perfect shot, it’s
    time to start editing.

  6. Edit your Flat Lay

    Depending on what you are trying to achieve with the flat lay, maybe you want to promote a
    new product, announce a promotion, or simply inspire your followers. Adding text to your
    image is a great way to get your message across. Use Pic Monkey or Canva to help you get
    textual. If you do not want to add any text, make sure to do any necessary color correction to
    your photo using apps such as Enlight and Dark Room.

    With these tips, you are ready to master your next #Flatlay photo. Remember to keep your
    images unique to your brand and story-oriented. Now grab your iPhone, download your
    favorite editing apps, find a fun background, and snap away.

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